The little green monster: Jealousy

Jealousy is one of those emotions that can really sneak up on you and disguise itself as other emotions. Most often it manifests as feelings of anger, feeling victimized and unworthy. It is so powerful and so hard to recognize that it has a great potential to cause a lot of misery in a person’sContinue reading “The little green monster: Jealousy”

What I Learned From My 1st IG Live

Going live was a super scary experience for me. I really wanted my first live experience to be about a topic that I love and enjoy talking about so I chose crochet swim suits. Here’s how it went. First, I started my live video 5 minutes early so that I could make sure that myContinue reading “What I Learned From My 1st IG Live”

Living the Ombre Life

After a tiring day, and a busy week making lists and checking things off, I decided to take a break to work out an idea I had in my head for something new and fun. Its a delicate balance that I have yet to master, staying focused while giving new inspiration the attention it needs………..Continue reading “Living the Ombre Life”