Being Genuine

I have been feeling some kind of weird way lately. Something in between good and blah. Things have been so busy the last month and I feel like for the amount of busy I was, not very much was accomplished. I mean, how on earth do I only have one completed pattern to show for my effort?

So, I listed out some of the things I have accomplished and some of the things I was working on that I was counting as “work”. I have 4 unfinished sweaters that halfway through completion I gave up on. I wasn’t happy with my math, I wasn’t happy with my method, I wasn’t happy with the outcome I was getting. After a lot of over thinking I realized that I was not getting things completed because I was not being true to myself.

For the last month, I was trying to mimic the people around me that I admired. People that are successful in my community, and my “industry”. I was failing because I was trying to be them instead of trying to be me. I was losing my own voice my own intent. I wasn’t being genuine.

Then, as if google knows what I am thinking, shows me an ad for the My Intent Project. And let me tell you, it resonated so much with me. I was so impressed with the message and thought that has gone into the movement. How could you not fall in love with this mission statement taken from their website?

“MyIntent Project is a catalyst for
meaningful conversations and positive action.

We believe there is purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts
to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other.
We are not a jewelry company – we are a service project.

Est. 2014″

Then, I checked in with a friend and we were talking about being genuine. She said “I always have to remind myself to let my goals steer my ship.” And as with most great things that happen in my head, it hit me. My goal, my intent, my mission is to be genuinely and unapologetically me. To intertwine my mental health journey and my maker journey and connect with people through those things.

So, I will be releasing some maker tools in the spirit of the My Intent Project. I need to be perfectly clear here though, that I am totally not in any way, shape or form affiliated with the company responsible for it……..yet. I hope to one day be an “official” My Intent Maker but as of writing this, I am not. I will be taking the idea and applying it to my maker life and journey.

This is my very first one! It is an intent stitch marker and bracelet. It will be going to the friend that inspired it!20180826_191821

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