Days like this…..

So right now as I type this, my worst nightmare as a tech editor is coming true……..I made mistakes! Ugh! I feel like just crawling under a rock. But instead, I offered a free tech edit to hopefully make up for my mistakes and keep the designers business.

I feel like this is a good time to practice some of the skills that I have been learning lately. So I went outside to distract myself and try to accept that it is happening and that I need to move forward and not dwell on it for the rest of my life.

While I was outside I noticed that the bushy tree that separates my front yard from my neighbors has a flower on it. This bush thing never blooms on my side because I do not have enough sun hitting it. The neighbors side always has tons of blooms. To top it off, the other side has already bloomed this year. But there it was, in all its pretty glory looking right at me. A single bloom on my side of the divide.


This little flower made me think about my other flowers that I have been neglecting lately. I grew this aloe plant from just two little babies. I set it outside to get some sun this summer and it has kind of just stayed outside. The pot that it’s in does not have drain holes so all the rain has been just pooling inside the pot. I dumped all the water out and gave it a little fresh soil. I am surprised it hasn’t drowned yet. Adding “find a place in the house for it before the cold weather comes” and “macrame plant hangers” on my to-do list.


I felt a little better after heading outside but still not feeling great. I need to do a test crochet on the pattern I messed up to make sure that I did not mess anything else up, I have a sample due in a couple of days and my kiddos need me to be present today.

So I leave this with you. You are human, it does not matter that you made mistakes, it matters how you *respond* to them.

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