Sunday Wrap Up

This is my very first mental health journey post and boy is this scary! I really think it is important to move forward with as much honesty and transparency as possible in hopes that, even if it is only in a small way, my voice can help remove the stigma of mental illness and help others that may be going through similar things.

So……..Here Goes!

This week has been a little challenging with a roller coaster of emotions. There were days this week where I felt great and hopeful in the morning and by the evening I was overwhelmed and completely shut down. Sometimes it happens like that. Whats really great about seeking help for mental illness is that there are people out there that can help you develop awesome skills to deal with days, weeks or months like these.

One of the skills I learned recently is how to use facts to help me think with my wise mind. It is a great tool to help keep me grounded and be able to process the weeks feelings and events as well as hit the reset button and start a new week tomorrow.

So here are my facts for this week:

  • I went to all of my appointments which included teaching a class and counseling.
  • There were no major meltdowns or anxiety attacks.
  • A contractor came and quoted a really decent price for changing our garage into a studio space for me to work.
  • A house repair was done that has been neglected for many months.
  • I sold the rights to my very first ever written crochet pattern to Happily Hooked!
  • I finished the first panel of a sweater I am creating.
  • I am writing my first mental health blog post!
  • I reached out to an amazing yarn dyer and will hopefully have some awesome news about that soon.
  • I did not get upset when my oldest was not up and ready two days in a row.
  • I was more consistent with my behaviors.

Looking at my week as a list of facts is so much more productive. Yes, I felt a lot of emotions. Yes, they were at times a little overwhelming. Yes, I struggled from time to time in moments of high stress. However, I had so many wins to be proud of. Now I have a list to focus on. I can hit the reset button and get ready for next week.


Stay strong, remember and celebrate your wins, ask for help if you need it, develop skills to help you cope and know you are not alone,

Hugs ~Liz

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