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I am super excited to announce that I will be live on Instagram Wednesday, July 25th at 5pm est!

Join Me Live

Some of the most asked questions in crochet forums and groups as summer nears revolve around crochet swim suits.

  • What kind of yarn is best for it?
  • Do I have to line the suit?
  • Can it be worn in water?
  • Does it sag?

And with all of those questions, there are always a ton of answers, and unfortunately almost none of the answers are the same. How does a person know where to even start when there are so many differing answers?

I set out a while ago to make a suit you can wear in water. I did a ton of research and not-so-scientific experiments and found all the things to do wrong and some things to make it right.

So during this live event I will be talking about ……… crochet swim suits! I know that summer is almost over but with a month or so left we might be able to fit a new suit in there, or we can just prep for next year. 🙂

The plan is to cover the pros and cons of crochet swimwear, the best types of yarns, what to look for in fiber content based on your swimsuits use and purpose, and a few pointers for technique. I will also be answering FAQs as well as viewer questions.

Don’t worry if you cant make it over for the live event, I will be posting a replay here.

If there is a topic you want me to cover or a question you would like answered, drop a comment here and let me know!

I cannot wait to see everyone there.


person feet dipping on pool
Photo by Nadine Wieser on Pexels.com

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