The Jealousy Hat Skills Round Up

Below you can find all the videos or tutorials to help you learn the stitches and techniques used to make The Jealousy Hat. I have also included links at the bottom for the tools I used that may not be readily available at your local craft store, these are not affiliate links and I make no money from them.

Pattern can be found for free here and as a pdf download here. And you can find the inspiration for this hat here.

Videos & Tutorials

Tunisian Basics: For most things tunisian, especially the basics, I almost always direct people to TL Yarncrafts. Toni (the creator, instructor and designer behind TL Yarncrafts) is such an amazing instructor. Her videos are clear, concise and break things down in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Tunisian Knit Stitch & Tunisian Purl Stitch: These two stitches are the same regardless of whether or not you are working in the round or flat. I learned these to stitches following this video by the Fiber Spider.  Its a great video and covers both of the basic stitches you will need to complete the body of the hat.

Slip Stitch Ribbing: This is my favorite ribbing for hats. Its squishy and super stretchy and returns to its shape pretty well. Marly Bird has a great video tutorial of this ribbing. I love her videos because she toggles between camera angles as she speaks and creates.

Double Ended Crochet In the Round: This technique is not for a beginner, but………it is well worth it to learn how to do this. I wish I could make all the things in this technique. Tuula Maaria has a great video describing the different steps to this technique using the Tunisian Simple Stitch.

Tunisian Cables: For this technique there is not currently a video. I use the same technique for this cabled ear warmer. There are step by step instructions for this cable method in the post. The difference being that you will follow these steps in the round as opposed to flat.

All of the videos listed can be found on “The Jealousy Hat” youtube playlist here.


Double Ended Crochet Hook:  For this I used Denise Interchangeable hooks. There are several options for how to purchase these. You can get singular hooks, sets, cables. Take a tour of the website and see what they offer. These are my very favorite tunisian hooks and I use them for all of my tunisian projects. For this project you will need two 8mm hooks and one small cord.

Stitch Markers: Instead of using cable needles for this pattern I used large stitch markers like these. When using these markers remember to remove your stitches from left to right so that they can be worked off from right to left.


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